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Hyderabadi biryani

  Hello friends,       I am here today for biryani lovers. Because today I am going to share with you "Hyderabadi Biryani" recipe. Before that let me tell you the story behind the dish. Some sources mention that it was made for the millitary from the time of Emperor Babur. Hyderabad's cuisine is a composite mix of many cultures and tastes. Mughal, British and local cuisine from the surrounding areas. The Nizami kitchens, especially that of "Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan", Nizam VI brought out delectable delicacies. The master chef was called 'Khansaman'. The Flaknama Palace at Hyderabad has the largest dining table in the world. Hope you like the information. So let's start making "Hyderabadi Biryani". Ingredients:- 1. Basmati Rice- 2cups. 2. Mutton- 700g. 3. Biryani Masala- 1tsp. 4. Onion- 2 large(thinly sliced). 5. Coriander leaves- 5tbsp(finely chopped). 6. Mint leaves- 4tbsp(finely chopped). 7. Ghee- 5tbsp+3tbsp. 8. Saffron- 1/2tsp.(soaked
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Dalia Khichdi

     Dear Friends,        Today I am here to share with you a healthy khichdi recipe made with broken wheat(Dalia). Before sharing the recipe would like to share with you the benefits of dalia. It's like a medicine for For those who are suffering from constipation. Dalia is rich in fiber to cure constipation and also helps to increase metabolism. Dalia is a good source of micronutrients; it's helpful for those who are health conscious.  You can have it any time of the day. Dalia helps to keep our tummy full for a long time; as it digests slowly. I used different vegetables to make dalia khichdi. Several dishes can be made with dalia. Diabetic patients can remain healthy to keep dalia in their diet chart. One most important thing is that we women generally always have a risk factor for breast cancer. As dalia have a lot of fiber in it helps lower the risk of increasing breast cancer; then others who didn't consume enough fiber in their daily food chart. I hope; this informat

Brinjal Shirazi

Dear Friends,    Today I will share with you a recipe made with brinjal(eggplant). Before sharing with you the details, let me tell you the name of the recipe given by my elder sister. I also love the dish because its smoky flavor makes the dish different from others. Now let me tell you some benefits of brinjal(eggplant). Did you know friends actually eggplant belong from fruit family! Brinjal is very good for diabetic patients. Brinjal helps to produce red blood cells as it has folate. It has antioxidants, high in fiber. I Hope; you like the information. So, let's start making " Brinjal Shirazi." Ingredients:- 1. Brinjal(egg plant)- 3 medium. 2. Tomato- 1large size. 3. Cilantro leaves- 2tbsp(chopped). 4. Eggs- 2nos. 5. Dry red chilies-2-3(can adjust according your desire). 6. Green chilies-2(chopped). 7. Mustard oil- 1tbsp.+1tsp more. 8. Ghee(clarified butter)- 1tbsp. 9. Garlic- 4-5 cloves (chopped). 10. Onion- 2medium(chopped). 11. Turmeric powder-1/4tsp. 12. Salt-To t

Gobi Matar (Cauliflower with Peas)

Dear Friends,    Today I am here to share with you a simple but tasty vegan recipe for cauliflower. Winter is my favorite season as I belong to India. It's a hot region. I enjoyed cooking much in winter because; in winter I can get so many different kinds of vegetables. Cauliflower contains so many nutrients values like Fiber, Choline, Sulforaphane. Cauliflower is also a good source of Antioxidants. On the other hand, Green peas are an excellent source of protein; it also helps to Control Blood Sugar. Green peas have Antioxidants too. Regular eating of green peas may reduce the risk of cancer. Green peas contain magnesium, potassium, and calcium that helps to prevent high blood pressure. Hope; you like the information about the vegetables. So, let's start making cauliflower with green peas. Ingredients:- 1. Cauliflower- 1 medium(florets). 2. Green Peas- 1/2 cup. 3. Potatoes- 2 medium(diced). 4. Tomato- 1 medium(diced). Spices:- 1. Bay leaf- 1(whole). 2. Dry red chilies-2(halved

Spinach with Mixed vegetables and lentil dumplings

  Hello Friends,    Today I am here to share with you a healthy vegan recipe," Spinach with mixed vegetables and lentil dumplings"; winter already arrived and, I can remember very clearly when I was a kid, I suppose to hate eating vegetables. My mother was very clever because I love to watch cartoons; she always gave me an example of 'Popeye the Sailor Man' who gets his strength from spinach. As a kid, I was also starting to believe that; if I eat spinach, then I will also become as strong as Popeye. Now when I recall those days, I can understand my mother's point of view. Miss you maa(mom). I always pray to God that, in every life I want you as my mother. Spinach has a lot of nutritional value. Spinach is good for our eyes. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Spinach reduces blood sugar, prevents heart attacks, good for our skin. It also helps to prevent cancer; it's good for our bones and so on.. okay, now let's start making Spinach. Ingredients:- Spina

Coconut laddu

  Hello friends,       As you know I belong from Kolkata(India). This is the festival month in India. On 21st October it was a Lakshmi puja. Before sharing the recipe would like to share with you few information about goddess Lakshmi.  Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, good fortune,youth and beauty. She is the wife of the great God Vishnu and the pair is often worshipped in barouche as Lakshmi-Narayan. Just as her husband has many avatars when he descends to earth so too lakshmi takes different forms:- Like-Sita:- wife of Lord Rama,Dharani:- wife of parashuram,Queen Rukmini wife of Krishna and Padma:- wife of Hari.     In the Mahabharata, Lakshmi was born from the Stirring of the ancient milky ocean by the Gods and demons. Following the intervention of Brahma and Vishnu, Lakshmi miraculously appeared from this sea of clarified butter clothed all in white and radiating youth and beauty. For this reason the goddess is sometimes called "Ksirabdhitanaya", 'daughter of t

Keema Chana with Paratha

Hello Friends,       Today I am here to share with you one famous North Indian recipe "Keema Chana". Before that would like to share with you the benefits of chickpeas. Did you know friends chickpeas are rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibres. It helps in many ways such as improving digestion,aiding weight management and reducing the risk of several diseases. It also regulates blood sugar and improves colon health. Additionally chickpeas are high protein and make excellent replacement for meat in vegetarian and vegan diets. I used chicken mince, those who are vegetarian and skip the mince and increase the quantity of chickpeas. Hope this information will be helpful for you. So let's start making "Keema Chana". Ingredients:- 1. Chickpeas- 350g. 2. Chicken- 500g.(minced). 3. Onions- 3 medium (roughly chopped). 4. Ginger- 1-1/2 inch(roughly chopped). 5. Garlic- 15-18(cloves). 6. Tomato- 2medium.(roughly chopped). 7. Bay leaves-2 (whole). 8. Chana Masala- 2tbs